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Press: The Maryland Crabs Podcast

The Maryland Crabs Podcast

The Maryland Crabs is a podcast based in Annapolis, Maryland. This podcast is not about interviews. It’s about topics and conversations of interest to Marylanders!


Hey..wait...that's MY artwork you have there. Copyright chat with Joe Barsin of JEB Design (E-98)

Imagine seeing a local company sporting a great new logo only to discover that it is composed of your original artwork and was sold to the local company by a foreign firm. #Pissed
With the USNA vs Nike/Undefeated crest war, we reached out to Joe Barsin to learn his thoughts. And we learned a LOT more! He has had his work stolen a number of times and he knows how to combat it. No lawyers are involved. From electric boats to cornhole sets.  Have a listen and definitely check out Joe Barsin from Citizen Pride and JEB Design!
Real fun episode at Mother's Peninsula Grille in Arnold drinking beers, eating burgers and talking pirating!


The Annapolis Film Festival is Back for the Sixth Year! (E-81)

It happens every year ... well at least for the past six years! The Annapolis Film Festival is bringing more than 80 films to Annapolis and is expected to draw nearly 20,000 to Annapolis over this 4 day period. We sat down with the founders, Patti White and Lee Anderson, to see what was in store for their sixth go around of this fantastic event that have brought millions to the area economy! 

[For the part of interview on the AF Festival-theme branding with Joe Barsin, jump to time mark: 55:30]


The Chesapeake Bay Trust: So What is Really Happening With The Bay (E-24)

The Maryland Crabs sit down with Dr. Jana Davis who is the Executive Director of the Chesapeake Bay Trust. We talk about the Bay Plate, the grants they distribute, the types of projects they fund, and more. 

[For the part of interview on the Bay Plate design with Joe Barsin, jump to time mark: 7:30]