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Meet Fubar Fairy, the Relenta mascot.

Links to The Relenta Story PDFIt's great to be working again with Dmitri Eroshenko. Founder of Relenta, a solid CRM that has been successfully growing for a couple of years now (follow link for free trial of Relenta). We just created The Relenta Story which introduces Fubar Fairy.  

In years past, Dmitri and I worked together on developing the look and feel of Web Hosting Magazine. This involved creating many humorous characters, including Fubar Fairy, and the mascot, WH Man. You can see many examples of this work here. I was also involved with some original layout design and illustration that would be best described as Eclectic.



Overall, working with Dmitri has been a great joy for me since he embraces creative design and illustration. I feel some of my best work has been created under his inspiring editorial direction.

See more of this work throughout our website:

Sincerely, Joe Barsin