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Maid Marian and Robin Hood go 80's punk! New illustration for Childplay Theatre

Maid Marian and Robin Hood going Punk!

Maid Marion - square compositionBefore there was Katniss of The Hungar Games, there was Maid Marian! This modern 80's punk take on the classic tale of Robin Hood will be performed this Fall at Childsplay of Tempe, AZ. 

After the Play's creative director reviewed Joe Barsin's original illustration of the classic medieval portrayal of Robin Hood (see blog post), he asked for Maid Marian to be illustrated and included. Also, the creative concept of portraying this classic story within a modern 80's theme was requested. 

I love these challenges and taking the illustration to this new direction was great fun. The concept to portray Robin Hood and Maid Marian as 80's punks makes sense when you think that the classic tale was of rebellion in the UK. Robin Hood's inner Billy Idol comes out to play! That being said, this is a play for children so the illustration needed to be age appropriate. I hope you enjoy the work.

— Joe Barsin

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