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Formation Building Campaign Identity for St. Margaret's Church of Annapolis, MD

St. Margaret's Church of Annapolis, Maryland asked JEB Design, Inc. to help develop their Formation Building Campaign identity. The Church needed to raise $3 million dollars in pledges to start the process of building a new building on their grounds. The structure will house their Day School along with many other community outreach programs.

JEB Design has worked closely with St. Margaret's Church in the past developing New Rector Search Profiles and, in 2006, creating the church's new identity. This was a great honor for us since St. Margaret's Church is an important, historic treasure of Annapolis that dates back to 1692.

Below we showcase the design goal for the Formation Building Campaign's identity. JEB Design needed to visually link the St. Margaret's logo with the previous Day School logo. The Formation committee's goal is that after the fund raising campaign was completed the school would have a solid identity to build upon.


We are thrilled to report that, as of today, St. Margaret's has raised $2.75 million and is closing in on the goal of $3 million. The project director, Anne Sessions, says the following:

It's amazing to get this accomplished in 8 weeks!

Architects drawing of the proposed school building of St. Margarets.

JEB Design is proud to play a small part is this very positive campaign.

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