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Flying High ...

By Sandra Olivetti Martin, Editor

In recognition of that high-stepping occasion, Bay Weekly covers this week’s paper with the Blue Angels imagery of artist Joe Barsin. You may not know that graphic illustrator’s name, but you know his work. Barsin is the designer of the current Treasure the Chesapeake Maryland license plate and a finalist for what could be the new plate. You’ve seen his Citizen Pride’s Maryland-themed work in magnets, garden flags, stickers and doormats. This design, our second Barsin Blue Angels cover, features three planes soaring over the Fouled Anchor, with cable passing over and around it, a naval insignia worn by midshipmen. 


Joe Barsin’s Blue Angels: Local artist takes you 15,000 feet for this Commissioning Week highlight

By Sandra Olivetti Martin, Editor

Using the Illustrator program, Barsin adds color and its gradation, piling up more layers than a Smith Island Cake.
“I’ve spent years doing this,” Joe says, “to try to tell a story all in one image, as one moment in time.”
In his third decade since taking computer graphics to hand as an art student at Kent State University, Barsin still gets a kick out of rearranging the world.
“I use fun visual tricks to bring it together, the covers thrown in the air, imagining the vortex of the jets sucking them up, making it whimsical and ­symbolic,” he said. ...