Brand Consultant & Illustrator


Branding, Identity, Graphic Design and Illustration stories and information by Joe Barsin, Brand Consultant, JEB Design, Inc.

Working with has been a good experience

Besides our website and Facebook, we reach potential new clients via the online service called, You can see JEB Design's profile by following this link: JEB Design Profile

Here is an example of the information that is part of this profile: My name is Joe Barsin and I am a professional illustrator and logo designer so I work closely with my client via sketches to reach approval of illustration and/or logo. My portfolio is extensive so the client has a clear understanding of how the final work will appear from these sketches. Usually, the final work goes through a stage of refinement. Once we reach final approval, I provide the vector file (.eps) and any other file formats they need. Usually, .jpg and web safe .gif files are needed for a successful marketing campaign.