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The Annapolis Podcast: New Logo Design

It was an honor to work with Scott MacMullan on the new idnetity for the popular The Annapolis Podcast. Below is what he said about the project and our interview.

This week's guest is the phenomenally talented, Annapolis-inspired graphic designer Joe Barsin. Joe has previously been on the podcast to discuss his many Annapolis-inspired graphic designs, his services and his products. This week Joe delves into how we brainstormed, and he created, the brand-spanking-new logo for The Annapolis Podcast. We also talk about his thoughts on Olympic logos and the First Sunday Arts Festival (which he did another stunning logo for.) Somehow Joe did the impossible and summarized the idea and the spirit of this podcast into one simple image. Hope you enjoy the new logo. Thanks, Joe Barsin! You and your wife have been great for Annapolis! — Scott MacMullan, host of APC
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