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Our "Fish 4 A Cure" Logo in Diamonds!

JEB Design's non profit logo design for F4AC made into jewerly

Pretty cool to see the logo we designed in diamonds! We'll soon be revealing the commemorative poster to promote the "Fish 4 A Cure" event on 11/5/11. It is great to see the Annapolis community getting behind such a great cause. 

Zachary's Jewelers have designed this beautiful pendant for F4AC to place into the auction on November 5th fundraiser. Learn more about F4AC here.

JEB Design believes in giving back to our community. We donated our design services to "Fish 4 A Cure" since we know how important it is to have a professional identity to help raise funds. A stong identity conveys stability and commitment for an organization. This is all important in the non-profit fundraising task, especially during a recession. Below we show the identity system for F4AC. A good identity system is more then just a logo. It needs to work in numerous colors, print and online along with vertical and horizontal placement. Once these are developed, vendor files are developed so that the volunteer team can develop effective promotions on their own. 

To learn more about JEB Design's identity work, please vist our portfolio here.

Non-profit identity system for F4AC designed by JEB Design, Inc.