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Lucky Owl Brewery branding reviewed by Naptown Pint

BLOG UPDATE: July 20, 2016, Read published Capital column, "Naptown Pint", article here.

Last night I had a blast hanging with two amazing people - Joe and Eva of Citizen Pride (aka JEB Design)! We drank beer and talked about Joe's work for Lucky Owl, his passion for beer and label design overall.

I can't think of a better way to end the week. — Liz Murphy of Naptown Pint

We had a great time tasting Lucky Owl craft beer and discussing beer label design. Liz Murphy has an active blog, Naptown Pint, and a weekly column in the Capital Gazette. Please learn follow this link to learn more.

She recently was interviewed by Scott MacMallon for the Annapolis Podcast. She mentioens our discussion at the beginning of this interview.

Thank you, Liz!