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HBO series, "VEEP", features Joe Barsin's art on the set.

The hilarious new series, "VEEP", staring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is using Joe Barsin's "Annapolis Sails" poster as part of their permanent set. 

Shown here are some screen captures taken from the third episode of "VEEP" (aired May 6, 2012). The series has already been picked up for a second season on HBO so there will be lots of opportunities for more "Sails" sightings.

We want to thank the Annapolis Visitors Bureau (AAACCVB), for contacting us over a year ago. They were tasked by the "VEEP" set designers to locate a dynamic poster to represent Annapolis, Maryland. We sent the poster up last January to the Baltimore set, where it is filmed, and have been wondering ever since whether it would be used or not. It was exciting to learn our answer when we spotted it last night while watching! An interesting side note, we rewatched the first 2 espisodes to see why it wasn't in those and noticed soemthing very cool. The set designers are so good that they slowly built the set in the first shows to convey the moving-in process for the Vice President. If you look really hard, you will see the framed poster on the floor, waiting to be hung.

Joe Barsin's "Annapolis Sails" poster

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