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Having fun with design: Scrapping with Old Scratch ... is back!

I thought fan's of JEB Design would enjoy this recent design discovery I had. In 1996, my brother wanted a fun t-shirt design for his summer vacation since he was still in college. He and his buddies "occupied" my family's beach house at Breezy Point, NY. In the picture, on the left, is the back of the t-shirt I designed. I used my favorite historical clip art to capture the general mood of that Summer! Some of you may recognize this art since I used it on many cards and computer screen savers, etc. 

Well, much to my surprise, on a recent beer run, I came across this new beer label design. I instantly knew there is another designer out there with the same crazy taste for old clip art. Party! My ode to “Scrapping with Old Scratch”! See other fun eclectic illustrations by Joe Barsin of JEB Design here.

Then and Now - Scrapping with Old Scratch!