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Creative development of the Annapolis Film Festival illustration

The Annapolis Film Festival 2013 poster

JEB Design (a.k.a. BarsinArt) created the illustration and branding for the first Film Festival in Annapolis. This week long event will take place March 21st through the 24th, 2013. Joe Barsin's illustration was used by JEB Design to develop the official poster along with postcards, banners, social media advertising and merchandise.

Poster will be on sale during the Festival events. Joe Barsin will be on hand to sign posters. If you want your poster signed but never cross paths with Joe then please contact him here.

Shown below are the initial sketch and the 2 illustration rounds that were part of the creative development with the AFF Board. It was a fun, creative process.

The first sketch for the AFF poster

The initial illustration that was presented to the AFF Board.

The revised illustration from the AFF Board's input

After the second round we were really close and we soon finalized the design that you see at the top of this blog. To see more event work by JEB Design, please follow this link.

Additional promotional materials that we developed for the inaugural film festival are shown below.

Learn more about the Annapolis Film Festival here.