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"Annapolis: Steeples and Cupolas" - New work by Joe Barsin

Have you really looked at the skyline of Annapolis? It is filled with interesting and historic steeples and cupolas. Joe Barsin's illustration features the many recognizable elements that rise high above our city and make it so special. Listed here are some of the historical Annapolis landmarks in the work, which include the following (shown from left to right) St. Mary's Church, St. Anne's Church, Buddy's Crab and Ribs, Schooner Woodwind, Senator Madaleno Office cupola, Middleton's Tavern, Maryland's State House, Annapolis Post Office cupola, USNA Chapel cupola, USNA Holsey Field House, St. John's College and USNA Mahan Hall.

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Annapolis: Steeples and Cupolas