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The Terrapin has been released! New print by Joe Barsin.

Citizen Terrapin, Wall Art

A tribute to the famous College Park citizen, Testudo, and fellow turtles who live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Maryland Terrapin has taken on a life of its own thanks to the University of Maryland

12" x 8", canvas art (museum wrap): $32 free shipping

24" x 16", canvas art (museum wrap): $99 free shipping

16" x 12", digital print, unframed : $30 free shipping

 We can provide a quote for additional sizes and happy to consider customizing the canvases and prints.

  • Stretched on frame, Ready to hang!
  • Museum wrapped (black borders on sides)
  • Vibrant Print Quality
  • Solvent Free Inks guaranteed
  • Made in the USA

My new Terrapin illustration is getting positive feedback. It's personally my favorite of the CitizenPride series. It was a true labor of love, trying to make a terrapin turtle look "tough/cool" but still be accurate to the real animal. If you ever get up close and personal to a real terrapin then you will soon realize these are probably the cutest-looking turtles around. They seem to have a permanent smirk!  — Joe Barsin

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USNI New Identity Development by JEB Design

New USNI emblem by JEB Design (click images to enlarge)USNI 2014 Media Planner. Designed by JEB Design, as well.JEB Design has worked on hundreds of corporate identities over the years but once in awhile a project comes along that is very special. The design of the new USNI identity is one of those projects. Below we explain the project and what we provided for this great American institution.

Founded in 1873, the U.S. Naval Institute is an influential force in the U.S. Navy and maritime policy. It publishes the magazines, Proceedings, and Naval Historyalong with hundreds of books every year. USNI was the only publisher who had confidence in Tom Clancy and published his first book, The Hunt for Red October, which became an international best seller. The Institute is located on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

USNI Online IdentityAs great an institution as USNI is, the time comes when it is necessary to update its identity. USNI's online media products were expanding and becoming the new focus but the emblem and the overall identity was not up to the task. JEB Design was asked to work on this project since we have extensive experience in corporate identity but also a love of naval history and respect for naval traditions. Simply creating a "facebook-esk" logo for the online division was not acceptable. identity and tribute to Tom Clancy

The first task was to take the old emblem (shown below) and refine it. Once the emblem was approved, we built on this foundation to develop the online variations. We also refined the color palette and all the corporate stationery for the numerous divisions of USNI. 

Previous USNI emblemWe created the U.S. Naval Institute Graphic Standards and Guides manual so the USNI creative staff would have the necessary instructions to consistently brand their print and online materials. If interested in seeing all aspects of the identity, you can download the Guide here. You'll see the new letterheads, envelopes, mailing labels, postcards, business cards, email signatures, gift stationery and the extensive emblem, logo and logotype treatments for print and online. 

Download the USNI identity guide here

Thank you for your interest in this great project. See more of JEB Design's work here.


Barsin's Mid-Atlantic Poster Series at First Sunday Festival

Hope to see you this Sunday! If you miss us, please go to to see these works.

Learn more about the West Street First Sudnay Festical in Annapolis, MD, at:

The Mid-Atlantic Poster series by Joe Barsin of