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Annapolis Film Festival 2014 Intro Animation

A frame from the Annapolis Film Festival's intro animation

We are very impressed with Moe Taylor's animation work for the Annapolis Film Festival. He worked with Joe Barsin's illustration which was created to promote the 2014 festival. Moe's animation was played at the beginning of each of the 70 plus films that were showcased during the 3 day festival. To read more about the creative process behind the illustration then follow this link to JEB Design's blog: 

Follow this link to watch the animation:


"Be Climate Ready" in March. This month's theme for the Center for Climate Change Communication

Dan Satterfield, Meteorologist for WBOC-TV 16

11 x 17 poster to promote the March campaignShown here are some of the graphics JEB Design created to support the "Be Climate Ready" March campaign with the Center for Climate Change Communication. This is the third month of a year long campaign to "Change It Up Maryland!"


See and learn more at: Climate Maryland's website

Veronica Johnson, Meteorologist for NBC4Cost of Weather-related Damages in Maryland.


"It made me hungry!", the new cover design for the March issue of FUNWORLD

It is such a welcome thing to receive emails like these from our clients. Read what Jeremy Schoolfield, the Editor of Funworld magazine, writes about the March issue that has just come out: 

"Hey Joe, Just wanted you to know I've already received tons of positive feedback about the March cover. Everybody has the same response: 'It made me hungry!' I know that thing was a beast, but we nailed it in the end and I think this is going to be a popular issue for us. So thanks again for the great work."
— Jeremy

This is the perfect response for the cover we worked on together. As Jeremy eluded, this cover went through several creative rounds but that is part of the process which I truly enjoy as an illustrator. In this blog, I have placed some of the concepts we considered before reaching the final cover. 

Learn more about Funworld magazine here.
To see more of Joe's design work then head over the JEB Design


The Creative Process for the March 2014 Funworld cover: 


First sketch: Ode to Coney Island!A New Twist!

 Getting closer but too busy.Almost there!