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Barsin's Mid-Atlantic Poster Series at First Sunday Festival

Hope to see you this Sunday! If you miss us, please go to to see these works.

Learn more about the West Street First Sudnay Festical in Annapolis, MD, at:

The Mid-Atlantic Poster series by Joe Barsin of


Charm City Wire Artist Profile on Joe Barsin ... Thank you!

Thank you to Charm City Wire and Mike Reft for this great article.

Follow this link for the Charm City Wire Artist Profile. Or scroll down and read it here:

Charm City WireCCW Artist Profile: Joe Barsin

by Mike Reft

This month’s Charm City Wire Artist Profile brings you Joe Barsin, a talented graphic artist and genuinely great guy to meet. Joe is sure to become a household name in Maryland, seeing as how every Marylander is at least faintly familiar with his work: the Treasure the Chesapeake state license plate.

It may surprise you, after seeing some of Joe’s brilliantly colored, Maryland-themed work, that he is originally from Akron, Ohio. Before designing many logos and posters around Maryland, Joe graduated with honors from Kent State University and experienced art and culture throughout Europe.  After earning his Bachelors in Fine Art, Joe moved to Baltimore, MD and gained a large amount of experience with various advertising agencies (examples of work) throughout the Delmarva area. There’s “tons of great stuff about Maryland”, he explained over drinks at Mother’s in Arnold, MD (where much of his work is on display). Joe brings a welcomed perspective on Maryland from his Ohioan roots. “New York is great,” he explained, “but so expensive – so everyone is in survival-mode. In Baltimore, you can let your wings fly.” There’s a higher appreciation for the environment because of the Bay, and an “equal playground” for both environmental and business interests.

Citizen Pride: Orioles

The key to Joe’s business success lies in the excellent partnership with his wife, Eva, who acts as his Artist Representative. Together, they started JEB Design, Inc. in 1998. She allows the creative juices to keep flowing by approaching the store buyers and managers. Add all of that to being a mother of two (Joe and Eva’s boys: Robert and James Barsin), and you have the most valuable colleague and partner in the world. That’s not to say that making a living with art has been particularly easy, however.  Joe has experienced difficulties during the recession like many of his colleagues who had to change professions to stay afloat. Joe recalls drawing strength from a patchwork quilt that he had completed when he was younger:

“All artists are best when they’re young, but to be aware of that is half the battle. You need these works that you completed when you were young to harken back to your purpose.”

Since then, Joe has used his skills in graphic design to put his work everywhere from large canvases to car magnets. Joe’s artwork uses bright colors and shading that really evoke the sense of beauty that Charm City and its surrounding areas have to offer.

Most recently, Joe and Eva have been putting in a ton of work on the front end of their Citizen Pride campaign; a nationwide effort to produce state-exclusive work like that of JEB Design Inc.’s Oriole, Raven, Chesapeake Retriever, and Crab pieces (check out the gallery below). They make such a great team and represent some wonderful works of art that any state would be lucky to call its own — we’re just glad that Maryland inspired Joe first.


Citizen Pride: The Raven

A Joe Barsin original, sure to be a hit this football season. Coming Soon: The Maryland Terrapin!

Citizen Pride: Chessie, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

A Joe Barsin original: The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Citizen Crab @ Mother's Grill, Maryland

JEB Design's Facebook cover profile

Eva Barsin created this great photo montage for our Facebook cover image. It truly conveys how we have been a team with our biz  and raising kids. – Joe Barsin Headquarters

The JEB Design, Inc. office. To the left are posters that Joe created in college and to the right is a quilt that he made before he started making a living from his work. “You need these works that you completed when you were young to harken back to your purpose.” – Joe Barsin.

Joe Barsin and Mike Reft at Mother's Grill.

Charm City Wire photo-op – Joe Barsin (left) and I @ Mother’s in Arnold, MD


Mike, thank you for a great time talking while enjoying Mother's Old Bay wings and Heavy Seas Loose Cannon beer.

It doesn't get more Maryland Pride then this!

Sincerely, Joe Barsin


Film Shorts Crawl in Annapolis! Once again, JEB Design helps with graphics.

4 Hours of Film, Food and Fun for $40!

See 10 terrific short films including PENNY DREADFUL: An inept criminal has met his match in the form of a 10 year old in this Coen-esque comedy of a kidnapping gone terribly wrong. JEB Design helped out in 2012 so we are happy to report that The Shorts Crawl sold out last year ... Tickets on sale now for Sept. 22, 2013!

See our design and illustration work for the Annapolis Film Festival.


Meet Fubar Fairy, the Relenta mascot.

Links to The Relenta Story PDFIt's great to be working again with Dmitri Eroshenko. Founder of Relenta, a solid CRM that has been successfully growing for a couple of years now (follow link for free trial of Relenta). We just created The Relenta Story which introduces Fubar Fairy.  

In years past, Dmitri and I worked together on developing the look and feel of Web Hosting Magazine. This involved creating many humorous characters, including Fubar Fairy, and the mascot, WH Man. You can see many examples of this work here. I was also involved with some original layout design and illustration that would be best described as Eclectic.



Overall, working with Dmitri has been a great joy for me since he embraces creative design and illustration. I feel some of my best work has been created under his inspiring editorial direction.

See more of this work throughout our website:

Sincerely, Joe Barsin




Bike Jersey Apparel Design - inspired by the Ugly Xmas Sweater!

It is not every day you work on a project like this. Ross Larson of Colorado was fed up with bike jerseys with corporate sponsors. Why do we pay big bucks for cycling jerseys that advertise someone else's product for free?

Ross asked us to develop an original jersey design. Why not a jersey that channels our inner love of ugly Xmas sweaters! Ross agreed and ...  voila! We'll keep you posted when these will be ready for sale. In the mean time, read what Ross Larson said about working with JEB Design.

"Joe recently designed a bicycle jersey as an apparel project for my company. His work was quality, timely and professional. Communication was direct and consistent throughout the process including phone calls and emails, before, during, and after the design process. 

I would highly recommend Joe for his design work. Compared to other artists contracted for similar designs, Joe developed the final product much quicker and with no issues."

See more of Joe's work at


SEA Change Ahead for new identity and website

SEAchange new website and corporate identity

Developed the corporate identity, stationery and website for SEAchange Business Coaching & Consulting. The task was to take the legal name, Stockton Executive Advisors LLC, and develop a memorable brand. The initials S.E.A. merged with the words, "change" not only symbolized their name but also reflect their goal for their clients through consulting and coaching.

To help convey this concept, we developed an introductory slideshow on the home page of SEAchange's website. You can review the site here:


ZOOM Dry Cleaning website a big success.

Facebook Profile LogoSeverna Park's ZOOM Dry Cleaning worked with JEB Design, Inc. to create their new web presence: JEB Design designed and built their website along with SEO. This included Facebook graphics so that ZOOM's online messaging would be consistent. 

Mark McInnes, Owner of ZOOM Dry Cleaning of Severna Park had the following to say:

Thanks for all your help. I've emailed a link to the website to a lot of people, and I'm getting nothing but praise for how nice it looks.

ZOOM's front page

Please visit ZOOM's website and, if you live in Severna Park, stop in and try them out. ZOOM is a eco-friendly dry cleaner. They provide top quality service, same-day turn-around and rock-bottom pricing! Dry cleaning for just $1.99 for most garments.

To see more website design by JEB Design, please follow this link.



New Annapolis Maryland oval car magnet released!

Order yours today!

Oval die-cut, 6" x 3.5", high quality car magnet

For note cards and framing options along with gifts and merchandise (i.e. note cards, place mats, beer mugs, mouse pads, smart phone and ipad cases, t-shirts, stickers, and so much more!using this poster artwork, please follow this link.

View more gifts at Zazzle.

Commissioned work and wholesale orders welcome: Contact Us. All posters by Joe Barsin are very high resolution vector graphics.



Website for Fabu' Salon & Spa of Severna Park already a big success!

Fabu's new website by JEB Design, Inc.The new website we created for Fabu' Salon & Spa of Severna Park, MD, has only been live for a few weeks and they are already receiving great response. Jean-Marie Carroll, Owner and Senior Cosmetologist, had this to say:

Just had a new client come in the salon because we have the best website ... :) :)  THANK YOU!

Besides creating Fabu's website, we provided SEO services and optimized their social networking through their Facebook and online blog. Please visit Fabu's website to learn more about this excellent salon in Severna Park. We highly recommend FABU not only for their amazing skills and services but their professionalism combined with their freindly, fun environment provides a wonderful experience every time. We should know... Jean-Marie Carroll has been making us look FABUlous for over 15 years! 

Fab's Facebook page

See more website design work by JEB Design here.



Formation Building Campaign Identity for St. Margaret's Church of Annapolis, MD

St. Margaret's Church of Annapolis, Maryland asked JEB Design, Inc. to help develop their Formation Building Campaign identity. The Church needed to raise $3 million dollars in pledges to start the process of building a new building on their grounds. The structure will house their Day School along with many other community outreach programs.

JEB Design has worked closely with St. Margaret's Church in the past developing New Rector Search Profiles and, in 2006, creating the church's new identity. This was a great honor for us since St. Margaret's Church is an important, historic treasure of Annapolis that dates back to 1692.

Below we showcase the design goal for the Formation Building Campaign's identity. JEB Design needed to visually link the St. Margaret's logo with the previous Day School logo. The Formation committee's goal is that after the fund raising campaign was completed the school would have a solid identity to build upon.


We are thrilled to report that, as of today, St. Margaret's has raised $2.75 million and is closing in on the goal of $3 million. The project director, Anne Sessions, says the following:

It's amazing to get this accomplished in 8 weeks!

Architects drawing of the proposed school building of St. Margarets.

JEB Design is proud to play a small part is this very positive campaign.

To learn more about St. Margaret's campaign, please follow this link.

To learn more about JEB Design identity services then follow this link.