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Annapolis Film Festival Revealed the 2018 Poster by Joe Barsin

The Annapolis Film Festival revealed the 2018 poster designed by Citizen Pride’s Joe Barsin (AFF blog: Keeper of the Brand). We heard some inspiring words from DaJuan Gay and to honor the new artwork, a generous anonymous donor offered to match all donations up to $10,000 to support student pass scholarships!!

Special thanks for the continued support and inspiration to Co-Festival Founders/Directors, Patti White and Lee Anderson. AFF kicks off March 22-25, 2018!

Annapolis Film Festival Revealed the 2018 PosterGet an up close look at our dedicated Art Director Joe Barsin, who has been creating a consistent, thoughtful look & feel for the Annapolis Film Festival for the past six years. Learn more here.



Annapolis Film Festival Animator, Moa Taylor, just created Jay-Z's latest music video!

The #AnnapolisFilmFestival and #CitizenPride (JEB Design, Inc.) are very proud of Moe Taylor! You may recognize Moe as the artist who creates the AFF bumper animations with Joe Barsin's illustrations. Read the Capital's interview with Moe about his recent animation for Jay-Z: "Jay-Z commissions Annapolis High grad and former teacher for Blue Ivy animation"

Below are the Annapolis Film Festival Bummers that Moe has created using Joe Barsin's illustrations:

ANNAPOLIS FILM FESTIVAL 2017 INTRO from Artlife Studio on Vimeo.


Annapolis Film Festival 2015 Trailer from Citizen Pride on Vimeo.



ANNAPOLIS FILM FESTIVAL INTRO 2014 from Artlife Studio on Vimeo.


Arnold Pharmacy's mural unveiled!

Joe Barsin was very honored to be commissioned to create an illustration for our favorite pharmacy, Professional Pharmacy Group in Arnold, MD (JEB Design's home town). He featured several of the town's landmarks, including the original pharmacy which was located where the current CVS stands. We think the locals know where to go today. 

Thank You to owner, Neil McGarvey, for supporting a local artist and always providing wonderful service for our community with his three locations in Arnold, Annapolis and MedPark in the Anne Arundel Medical Center. Joe Barsin now has his work on display at all three locations. 


Annapolis Film Festival 2017 Branding

Joe Barsin of Citizen Pride / JEB Design, Inc. is so excited he can't hide it after receiving his Annapolis Film Festival Swag Bag which is filled with passes, program and lots of goodies from local supporters, sponsors and businesses. Learn more and join the fun:

Learn more about the 2017 AFF theme branding by Joe Barsin


Funworld magazine cover illustration for March 2017

Joe Barsin of JEB Design, Inc. illustrated the March 2017 editorial cover for IAAPA's FUNWOLRD magazine. Read about the issue here.


What's Up? Annapolis Spread Ad for Annapolis Film Festival

JEB Design and Citizen Pride is proud of providing pro bono branding and graphic services to Annapolis Film Festival. This is the fifth year that we have been involved with the theme illustrations, all marketing branded and merchandise graphics! See more work here. Learn more about the Annapolis Film Festival here.


New Beer Label Design unveiled

We want to congratulate Lucky Owl Brewing and Flip Side Chagrin Falls on their new collaboration. Joe Barsin of Citizen Pride and JEB Design succesfully merged these two company brands into one great beer label design. "Cheers!"

Read Liz Murphy's Naptown Pint interview with Joe Barsin on the art of beer label design and branding.

Flip Side Restaurants are proud to have collaborated with Lucky Owl Brewing to create an incredible new beer that you can only find at Flip Side! The new Flip Side Ale is an American Pale Ale that features aromas and flavors of tropical fruits and subtle pine with hints of toasted bread on the finish. Clean and crisp, this is a perfectly balanced and approachable pale ale. 

Available at all Cleveland area Flip Side locations!


USNA Class Crest Illustration Update

In 2012, JEB Design illustrated, in vector, the USNA Class of 1986's Crest. Scroll down for details. Recently, a 1986 graduate asked us for the vector artwork so he could commission this beautiful wooden plaque. It was created by Jeff May of US Tactical, Inc. If interested in having a plaque of your own made then contact Jeff's email or call 703-217-8781.

New USNA 1986 Class Crest - full color; © USNA Class of 1986

CAPT W. Scott Gureck, USN (Ret.), President of the Naval Academy Class of 1986, commissioned Joe Barsin to re-illustrate the official 1986 class crest since for over 25 years, the original art never matched the design that ultimately wound up on the class ring – which is primary purpose of the class crest.

“It’s unclear why the art we’ve been using all of these years differs in so many ways from our actual class rings, but at the end of the day, the crest on our rings is the official Class of 1986 crest,” Gureck said.

Shown below is a picture of the crest as it appears on the class rings, as it appears on the matching lapel pin, the original line art, and the updated line art as illustrated by Barsin.

New Crest in 2 color; © USNA Class of 1986“My guidance to Joe was to be as true to what appears on the ring as possible. Our crest is what’s on the ring, and the goal was to create matching, high-quality line art, not to create a new crest.  Accuracy and fidelity to the original, with one small exception, was paramount.”

On both the original art and on the actual rings, the handles of the U.S. Navy sword and the U.S. Marine Corps Marmeluke are reversed.  Gureck asked Barsin to fix the error since he ultimately wanted a vector file that could be easily reproduced at any size and on any medium.  Joe provided full color, two color and black & white files for all possible reproduction needs. 

L to R: Class ring, Class lapel pin, Original crest & New crest; All Rights Reserved. © USNA Class of 1986

“The error on the rings is an interesting piece of trivia and mostly inside information known by classmates.  But to reproduce the art in its new glory on posters, banners and other items we might use at future reunions, it only made sense not to continue to reproduce the error.  Instead, it can remain a bit of class trivia, and can serve as something fun to test children, grandchildren and friends by asking ‘what’s different between the art and the actual ring?’”

Tony Thamasangvarn, Signcraft Annapolis Signcraft Annapolis has taken Barsin’s art and has created the clay relief you see here. Below is a photo of the final bronze relief that will be on display at the USNA.

"It is not every day I see one of my illustrations in relief," said Barsin. "Owner John Prehn and his artist Tony Thamasangvarn did an excellent job of translating the crest into three dimensions. Very exciting!"

Joe Barsin is proud that he could play a small part in the rich history of the U.S. Naval Academy, and especially, for the great Class of 1986.

To learn more about Joe Barsin's illustration work related to the USNA and Annapolis please follow this link.

To see more graphic design work for USNI then follow this link.

Bronze relief of the new USNA Class of 1986 Crest


Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay new campaign unveiled through Appeal

New Annual Appeals mailer for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has been mailed out last week. This is the first piece of the new campaign that is rolling out in print and online for 2017. Joe Barsin of JEB DesignCitizen Pride illustrated three themes: Tree Planting, Urban Stormwater Control and Project Clean Streams. Learn more by downloading the actual Appeal PDF here.

Click to download the Appeals PDF.


Fish for a Cure donation of $311,000+ for 2016! New Record!

It was just announced that Fish for A Cure will be donating a minimum of $311,000 to Anne Arundel Medical Center's Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute in 2016! NEW Fundraising Record! - THANK YOU to each and every one of you who made this possible!

JEB Design, Inc. / Citizen Pride is a proud sponsor of F4AC since 2011. Over these 5 years, we have donated all our logo, branding and graphic design services to this important local Annapolis charity. Below are pictures from 2016 Fish for a Cure events which showcase the marketing products we created to make this charity a successful brand. Please visit Fish for A Cure's website to become a part of this fantastic charity!