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NEW "Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay" cover art by Joe Barsin

The new Maryland, 2015 Edition (4th publishing) of the Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay is now for sale!

Publishers, Susan and Bill Wade, reached out to Joe Barsin of JEB to illustrate the book cover along with updating their identity. The work speaks for itself! This partnership has been a perfect match for both of us.

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Shown here is Joe Barsin's art for the back cover, spine, and front cover of the 2015 Maryland Crab Decks & tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay book.


Asia-Pacific Boom - editorial cover illustration for the June 2015 issue of FUNWORLD

FUNWORLD Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Schoolfield, has been keeping Joe Barsin of JEB Design, Inc. busy in 2015. This is Joe's third editorial cover illustration for this year. Three illustration are unusual but Jeremy was in bind since his plans fell through for the June 2015 cover. Joe stepped in and was able to create this illustration within a 2 week production window. 

Jeremy and I have such a good working relationship that we are able to reach approval, during the sketch phase, very quickly. Sometimes my best work is created under pressure. The June cover illustration is one of my favorites! — Joe Barsin

 FUNWORLD's June 2015 illustrated cover by Joe Barsin

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2020 Vision - the Future issue illustrations for FUNWORLD

FUNWORLD's May 2015 illustrated cover by Joe Barsin

The May 2015 cover illustration, along with 14 intro section icons(!), for FUNWOLRD magazine was very creative. I had a great experience of working with the Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Schoolfield. It sounds like he feels the same way, below is a quote from Jeremy:

You are one of my absolute favorite people to work with, so thank you for all you do for us, not just on this one [May 2015 issue] but on an annual basis. You are my first and only call when I need this type of work. Thanks for putting up with all our changes in direction, crazy ideas, etc. 
 — Jeremy 

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14 intro section icons were developed for the FUNWORLD May 2015 issue.